A few photos
This is Pauline with Diane from Australia.
Diane is married to Padma who is originally from Malaysia.
Pauline worked with Diane in Wycombe and looked after their first child for a while.
The picture was taken outside the Selangor State mosque (reputedly the largest dome or minaret in SE Asia) in Shah Alam, which is the new administrative capital of Selangor.

Selangor is one of 7 states, which also contains the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Me at work (sort of)
View of the Rocky Shores B&B at Rockport, Mass. The town of Rockport is very typical of the area, however it is a 'dry' town. BYO!
This was the starting point of a week long holiday in Massachusetts and Maine. We flew into Boston and drove up the coast as far as Bar Harbor.
The Rocky Shores B&B. Good value, though you need to drive to town. We started off early in the morning to catch the whale watching trips out of Gloucester (had just enough time to get breakfast!).

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